Course - FMPHW

Female Multipurpose Health Worker (FMPHW):
FMPHW stands for Female Multipurpose Health Worker.  This is the first and foremost step in nursing profession.  Nursing just does not mean serving an individual patient, it has much role to play, for eg: Health training, teaching, supervision and administration of hospital and promotion of health programmes in community.

The most important quality one needs to possess, in order to go in for a Career in Nursing, is the ability to establish a rapport with patients and respect them. One should be able to understand situations and tackle them effectively.

As a Nurse, one helps patients to fight off diseases and illnesses. Hence, qualities like patience, perseverance, responsibility and punctuality are required for one who is inclined to follow the profession of Nursing.
Requirements for this course:

  • Matriculate and Above.
  • Upto 35 years age.
  • Duration of this course is one and a half (1 1/2) years.